What has Nintendo handled the worst in regards to the 3DS?

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boring_name posted...
The E-shop is a hideous disaster, far worse than any other online shop offering anywhere, but there are lots of things they've handled poorly.

Even the Wii's OS?? O.o
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Eh I've bought plenty of the Eshop titles and I think they're all good-above average (Denpamen, Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, etc.) Though I'd have to agree their virtual console games are pretty lacking.
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kdognumba1 posted...
Imo it goes in this order:

Virtual Console
Region Locking
A second analog

I agree.
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Rurouni720 posted...
boring_name posted...
The E-shop is a hideous disaster, far worse than any other online shop offering anywhere, but there are lots of things they've handled poorly.

Even the Wii's OS?? O.o

I actually do think it's even worse than the Wii's OS and that's saying something. The organization is just terrible, it needs to be completely reworked.
#55GreatHammurabiPosted 12/8/2012 9:16:30 PM
Hands down the e-Shop/Virtual Console. As someone said, they should be the same option.

The fact that they STILL haven't made game downloads account based, instead of individual system based, is absolutely laughable. It is an absolute chore to transfer games from console to console if you need to. I know this is a '3DS' topic but this is just an over issue for Nintendo in general. My original release Wii has been having some serious disc reading problems (not complaining about this. It just happens, I understand) and the only way for me to transfer the numerous Virtual Console games I have purchased is to send both consoles into Nintendo to get them transferred. Beyond tedious and unnecessary.

Also, specifically pertaining to the 3DS, not releasing at least all the SNES Wii Virtual Console games for download on the 3DS is just plain silly. It is more than capable of handling it.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Nintendo, but their online strategy is abysmal. It needs some serious tweaking.
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^Here in America, they tell us there's going to be something released... Only to NOT release it!
They even remove stuff without ANY warning whatsoever. I would expect something like this from Capcom (this generation) but not Nintendo of America.

The bad treatment of the Virtual Console in the US has caused me to start pirating and actually ENCOURAGE others to do it because of NoA. I might even start a petition...
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The design of the eShop is abysmal. It's great for advertising what they want to sell, but not for letting you find what you'd like.

Button problems. I had to send mine in to get R fixed, and A feels like it may go out eventually.

And I agree with those who say they should make a Nintendo account system for all consoles. If I buy Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, there's no real reason that I shouldn't be able to play the same emulated game on the 3DS for which it is also offered...or if that's "pushing it too far," there's no reason at all that I should have to pay for it again on a second Wii. This last doesn't really bother me, but logically it's just something that should be done.

And I forgot the bad design. Scratches on upper screen, Home button scratching the inner camera. Ever since it came back from repairs (they replaced the screen at the same time they repaired the R button), I keep the styrofoam sheet that they put between the halves when I close it.
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E-Shop/VC at least in NA
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nintendo included several stuid features in the 3Ds that can not be removed the activity log the zone veiwer and any thing to do with mii's
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other=nothing if your so upset about region locking go buy a JP 3DS and only buy games from there seeing as you sooooooo can read Japanese >>