Any eShop sales coming?

#1necrofear45Posted 12/8/2012 3:44:51 PM
Like a Winter sale like virtually every other digital distribution service?
#2rizsparkyPosted 12/8/2012 4:03:15 PM
The EU eshop is having a 'video game hero' sale every week in the month of december, this week it was the donkey kong VC titles, next week Metroid VC and something 'special' on the 20th.
#3IlovepeasoupPosted 12/8/2012 4:09:38 PM
I thought that all the eShop sales in America were discontinued.

I'm not sure, though. I'm pretty sure, but not 100%.
...and it just so happens that I hate pea soup.
#4necrofear45(Topic Creator)Posted 12/8/2012 6:05:25 PM
does Nintendo not like money or something?