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Is hating the DS Zelda games because they're touch based a good reason to? (Poll)
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pennylessz684/20 8:36AM
I was told that if the 3DS runs out of battery, it will have problems.
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TaticalWarrior144/20 8:32AM
Fire Emblem Awakening vs. XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within (Poll)
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ChaoticFairness274/20 8:08AM
If Capcom decides not to localize Dai Gyakuten Saiban, they're just weakening...
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Solid Sonic194/20 7:58AM
How do I know which region my 3DS is when I buy it?blackrosewitch184/20 7:48AM
i have a mewtwo code anybody want it?jdh199684/20 7:44AM
Is Yoshi's New Island worth it?x_darkness_x666104/20 7:23AM
what's so difficult with adding a sim card slot to 3ds?socguy34/20 7:20AM
3D Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, and Gunstar Heroes incoming!
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PhoenixRush964/20 7:10AM
3DS/Phone?aces202214/20 6:53AM
WTF? There's no ac adapter that comes with the new 3ds?
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justchill4331654/20 4:42AM
Do you open every application and read everything in your 3DS?Yukari_Takeba_84/20 2:51AM
How much do you think I can get for this???RS_YELARAKA94/20 2:20AM
Baitless fish are only catchable if Coraline tells you??Ritster2114/20 2:20AM
Hey that Puzzle and Dragon demo on the eshop was good! Its a JRPG!
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HellsingOrg174/20 1:38AM
When are the new Streetpass games supposed to be added?Poweranimals74/20 12:58AM
Should I get xenoblade chronicles 3d?NSRbigshot1054/19 11:49PM
Is this a good deal for the NEW 3DS XL? Need your help GFaqs
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blackrosewitch1154/19 11:29PM
Am i on the eShop?khallos1424/19 11:25PM
Q about super mario 3d landTheGalaxyFox74/19 10:51PM