Do the Layton games have a story?

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playing games for story is like watching porn for story're doing it wrong
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From: emagdnE | #011
playing games for story is like watching porn for story're doing it wrong

In general I agree, but the Layton games have a good enough story(for a game) and similar enough gameplay across the series where you may as well play them in story order if you can.
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Endgame, I thought that "games" like this were not games?

Either way, yes, they do have a story, as has been said and explained. And, I have played the first two,. and I would say that the story is pretty good. :3 The ending of Diabolical Box made me cry a little. I am part way through Unwound Future, and I can say that it is both very interesting, and has more story so far than the past games.

It's not advised to start at Miracle Mask; you should AT LEAST play The Last Specter first.
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TheDarkNerd posted...
Very story-oriented. The story frames the puzzles, but ultimately stands on its own. The puzzles are more just meat for the game.

Story-wise, the first three games are their own trilogy, while the latest two are two parts of a prequel trilogy.

If it's worth anything, I nearly cried at the end of Unwound Future.

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