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I got a few extra club nintendo codes to give away.
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metalXgear253/31 5:28AM
Proof that 3DS user ratings are too highOrangeCrush98063/31 5:28AM
Today is Tuesday. It comes out Thursday! Thursday!__Fiale__83/31 5:07AM
The 50 essential 3DS games. Agree?
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higgsboson1997363/31 4:54AM
Last day of Club nintendo and possible nintendo directhenryhill13/31 4:33AM
Question about Nintendo Stars [Europe Nintendo]supermichael1133/31 2:37AM
I love the style of Dillon's Rolling Western. They need to expand that franchiseforest_wanderer93/31 2:31AM
I am continually amazed by the N3DS
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GC_Destiny213/31 2:26AM
Which 600/700 coin club Nintendo game should I get? (Poll)
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SomeoneElseBro133/31 1:49AM
Club Nintendo getting slammed, huh?
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DRX777393/31 1:42AM
Leaked! Club Nintendo Elite Rewards!
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Skulltula_Kid473/31 1:35AM
NEW Nintendo Direct Leaked by Nintendo of Europe Employee- 4.1.15 9am EDT
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Nintenfan1456353/31 1:34AM
Are Etrian Odyssey's puzzles also as good as Persona Q's?parabola_master73/31 1:28AM
Free Club Nintendo Point Games...NeoMonk43/31 12:34AM
So is Xenoblade Chronicles the only New 3DS game atm?
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gg132173/31 12:25AM
Wow, never realized the rng on Fire Emblem doesn't work with the displayed valueNumber4373/30 11:59PM
Harmoknight or Dillon's Rolling Western The Last Ranger? (Closed)
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m2k13143/30 11:49PM
Club Nintendo Codes???hiispie23/30 11:38PM
Do games redeemed via CN coins generate more coins?fire_bolt23/30 11:25PM
Been trying to claim Kid Icarus: Uprising for over 4 hours..SyxxPakk663/30 11:20PM