I understand that some people don't care about the language barrier ...

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The problem is, most of the games I would like to import are extremely dialogue heavy, I'd have no problem playing an all japanese copy of a mario game, but an all Japanese copy of an RPG could be a bit rough.
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also this isn't just nintendo xbox 360 is region locked as well. atm only ps systems forgo region locking.

hell we already know that nintendo has ALWAYS region locked there consoles so it's more of a surprise that they waited until 3ds to do it to handhelds.

the 360 itself doesnt have any region locking. some games are region locked some are region free.

that's not what i read on the 360 board. besides technically 3ds is the same way it's up to developers if they lock there games [at least this was what was stated in interview i read]

If developers choose to region lock there games then it's not nintendo's fault unless the said developer was nintendo.

i'm not trying to defend nintendo's region locking in fact i hate it. but just because i hate it doesn't mean i'll let lies go on about nintendo being the only region locker.

If you found out someone stole money from you then you found out another person did it later there is no reason to blame one person for both crimes.

not sure about the 3ds hardware but here is a link that proves that there are region free 360 games:

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even the psp supported region locking for games, though it only used it for one or two games.
it was mostly enforced for the UMD videos
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Region-locking sucks, but it makes sense from a distributor's standpoint. Distribution gets messy when you're not a company like Capcom that has the ability to distribute your own games in nearly every single country on your own and own all the licenses.