Why am I not allowed to like and own only the regular 3DS?

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It'd be a different story if you had to put up with that stupid s***. People who still game on SDTV's have it worse. The moment they mention they have an SDTV there's a million angry folks telling them to 'get with the times'.
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Why do you care what others think?

I have a regular 3DS and I routinely tell others that it the extremely minor improvements don't justify an upgrade.
I would rather take screen clarity (regular 3DS) over a larger screen and large form size.
My regular 3DS also doesn't come with the defects that many people complained about (bottom screen making marks on the top screen when closed, loose hinge...)
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I don't really have a problem with people's choices and a lot of people simply can't warrant dropping money on another 3DS so that's fine.

However it does get annoying when the Vanilla owners try to justify their purchase by dumping on XL owners about how it's really not superior and has all these issues and it's so awkwardly shaped and ugly and the screen really isn't better etc. etc. when it's quite obvious to everyone that had these two consoles been released side by side in the same color at the same time at the same price the overwhelming majority would have gone with the XL.
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D: stop questioning me, insulting people is fun

I'm taking this as a admittances to there no real reason to not have a regular 3DS besides preference.

It's true just like what you like End Of Story.

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TC is an obvious troll, stop feeding him, please.
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I find it amusing that the most nasty and prominent console war on this board is Regular 3DS VS 3DS XL, not 3DS VS Vita.

Anyway, as a regular 3DS owner, there are several reasons why I've not gotten the XL yet:

- I find the XL to be a pretty ugly machine with unappealing colors, while I absolutely love the way my Aqua Blue 3DS looks.

- The bigger screen is balanced by lower resolution and less convenient size.

- Speaking of which, I have small hands and no comfort issues with the regular 3DS that would make me want a bigger version.

- The battery life is still pretty bad, not that much of an improvement on the regular 3DS.

- The 3DS XL's sound is apparently really crappy.

Maybe I'll change my mind somewhere down the line, maybe new designs or colors will win me over, but right now I'm quite happy with my Aqua Blue 3DS.
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BikeaLoss posted...
TC is an obvious troll, stop feeding him, please.

How? And yeah I got my answer.
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That's odd. I always see the OPPOSITE behavior here, with original 3DS owners taking every chance they get to tell people curious about the XL how bad it is.
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JorgenBlorgen posted...
That's odd. I always see the OPPOSITE behavior here, with original 3DS owners taking every chance they get to tell people curious about the XL how bad it is.

Eh, I've been here since the beginning and it seems to me that it was always some of the XL owners attacking the owners of the original. Only recently has it shifted. Furthermore, the XL owners seem to be more likely to use invective language at times about the original owners than the original owners about the XL owners. Now granted, two wrongs a right does not make, but let's not try equating wrongs.
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