Crystal Adventure Info, Tips & Tricks *Spoilers*

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4 years ago#1
Copy of the lonely post I've made on the official board, but since no one will ever go read that, I'm posting here too, for the few interrested


-23 floor
-LV 60 is the cap
-The game is very mathematical. It's always Attack - Defense for the amount of damage you and the enemy are giving to each other. Luck is never involved. It's either a good thing since you won't ever be screwed because the RNG is against you, but since the game auto-save each floor, if you made a bad move, you're screwed, and need to restart.
-The game take around 1-2 hours to complete.
-The last boss is a LV60 9999HP enemy which is stronger than you. The only way to beat it is

1.Kill all the sorcerer on the floor and open all door, but don't take ANY potions.
2.Make sure you're LV60, with full HP (go back a few floors to get some potions you left behind), and that you found EVERY crystals, all 3 Golden Equipment, and bought all extra Attack/Defense potions in the shop (overall, be at your strongest).
3.Attack the boss until you're about to die. Retreat, take some potions, then go back and attack him. He should die just after your last chain of attacks after taking the last remaining potions.
4.NEVER leave the floor, else the boss regain his HP, and since it auto-saves, you're pretty much game over if you took one potion on the floor.

For 2$, I had enough fun for me so that it was not a waste of money. Just don't expect anything big, it's a simple dungeon-crawl that is, like I said, ALL about the numbers.
4 years ago#2
Thanks for the info. I was planning to get the game after I finish my other dsiware backlog. Is the game a rogue-like, or are the dungeons pre-determined?
4 years ago#3
Pre-determined from what I've read, but I must tell you I didnt tried a second playthrough yet, so it's really from what I read. Everything I've experienced was from my first playthrough, and judging by the fact that the last boss can really only be beaten if you did everything perfectly, I doubt they would do random dungeon (plus also unlike roguelike, enemy don't move when you do. Everything except you is static in the dungeon)
4 years ago#4
one last bump since this is surely the very last time people will ever read something about this game...
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