I am gonna play through OoT again, what should I name Link?

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Personally, I usually go with names from Greek, Finnish, or Celtic mythology, when naming Link. =P So much better than using my own name, which never fits in the six character limit of some games from the series. D:

Boomerang78 posted...
I got this off of some other guy, so don't credit me.

Call him "I say" so everyone sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.

"CURSE YOU, I say!"

"Hello, I say! Wake up! The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to you! I say, get up!"

"Yoohoo, I say!"

This, totally this. XD *laughs out loud*
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Toadsworth is awesome!
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Hey Listen!
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No really name him ...
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I always name him Link182.
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Mister, Partner, Stranger, Link, Hero, Dude, Punk, Sir
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"So? A name is a name to be used."

Which is why I said Kirito and which stick with my choice, nothing wrong with Kirito.
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I would recommend "Me", "What?", "BOOM!", or maybe ".........."
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