I am gonna play through OoT again, what should I name Link?

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Link with a small L.
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Why not Kazuto?

Because it's a game.


Kirito is his avatar name si it makes more sense(to me) to have a game named Kirito, sides I hardly hear him called anything besides Kirito.

and Swod art online is a trainwreck and bad harem anime.
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Exodus_Knight posted...
Link with a small L.

Oh jeez, this is what my little cousin does all the time, it's so annoying. XD No originality.
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Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
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I'm MnK N!ck
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Simple... Luigi
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OBJECTION! This Topic Clearly Sucks!
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I like to name Link D00d. It makes everyone sound like a "Prinny".

"CURSE YOU, D00d!"

"So a fairy finally came to you, D00d!"

"We've got to save Hyrule, D00d!"

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"My Liege"
Because It's great to see King Zora and Zelda call a random kid that.
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