remove the anime obstruction in our video games!

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Catcher_Freeman posted...
Plus, no one wants to watch anything where the main characters are adults.

i'll assume you mean cartoons only otherwise your excluding nearly every single live action show
i can name 6 cartoons people like were the majority of the cast is adults
6.super mario super show
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
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TC is clearly being serious. This is not a troll thread at all.
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Well then, it's a stupid thread.
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SMASHKING84 posted...
western cartoons:shows like strawberry shortcake and mlp anime:shows like bleach and dbz

how many anime can you think aimed entirely at 6 year olds? there are good cartoons like the simpsons but there few and far between.

and lol at claiming anime is responsible for every cliche'

when these cliche'd existed long before animation in general did.

Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, Doraemon, Anpanman, Sailor Moon, all Ghibli movies, Pokemon, Digimon, Soul Eater, Yugioh, Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball, Yu yu hakusho, Angelic Layer, Inuyasha, and the like are all marketed to the under 10 age group in Japan. So in other words...most popular anime is aimed at young kids, just like many cartoons in the west are aimed at young kids! So yeah.

As for good cartoons, I can admit I don't watch many cartoons, Japanese or otherwise anymore. However, there are The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Adventure Time, Jumanji the animated series, Rugrats, Futurama, South Park, most Disney and Pixar movies, etc. that are good.

Heck, with each new season of Adventure Time I wonder how it could be a kids' show.

And even though Adventure
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HeroicSomaCruz posted...
Quote:The worst thing to happen to Castlevania was the art shift into anime. That is a series that does not need it. Even the premature move into 3D with the N64 installments was a better idea than having Charlotte act like a Tsundere, and Hammer acting like a buffoon. Hell, even if those characters stayed the same, with only their art changed, I wouldn't have mind.

Are you serious?? DoS and PoR have some of the best gameplay in the series. The worst thing to happen to Castlevania was Lords of Shadow.

Did you even read my post? I didn't say anything about their gameplay. Hell, I agree with you on that. I love all three DS games. It's just I didn't like the art and din't feel it was appropite for the series. Also, Lords of Shadow was pretty good.
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VampireRonin posted...
I title this thread "Faces of Aspergers"


TC certainly hasn't seen much anime. He/she might look at Samurai Champloo, Yukikaze, Planetes, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, etc, to break his/her stereotypes.
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You act like anime ran over your dog.
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LMAO I love you, TC. You have mastered the art of trolling. Luring us with your serious first half of your OP, then slowly revealing the frivolous second half. Brilliant.
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This thread is lacking more Viridi pics

Where's the respect dammit?
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