Part of me thought I wasn't going to enjoy OoT3D because it was a simple remake.

#11masa8munePosted 12/11/2012 3:33:48 PM
SSJKirby posted...
smoother frame rate, better looking models, iron boots being an item like a bottle, master quest included, it's the definitive version

this and i only beat the game 2 times.

im buying it but kid icarus comes first.
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#12Koi_TenchiPosted 12/11/2012 4:28:07 PM
OoT3D is STILL my most played game on my 3DS activity log, and I'm considering going back to it.

I remember back when it was released there was admittedly so little out of interest at the time that I did 3 different playthroughs of the game right after one another.

(100% run, 100% Master Quest run and 3 heart minimalist run)
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#13SMASHKING84Posted 12/11/2012 4:41:23 PM
People will call any remake bad no matter how much effort the developers made.

one thing i enjoyed is the new glitches being able to use farore's wind every were is really nice. being able to farm heart pieces is also nice.

i remember in the n64 version i never could get all 20 hearts.
i always managed to be completely unable to get the one were you have catch bugs as frogs.
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Nintendo remakes have traditionally came with SOMETHING new, and OoT's fellow iconic N64 game SM64's DS remake that came out at launch sure raised the bar, with 30 new Stars (original had 120, so that's a third of the original game, added onto it) and three new playable characters

so when OoT3D didn't make the launch like SM64DS did, and didn't have ANY new content whatsoever (you didn't pre-order Wind Waker? that's your own damn fault, Master Quest is not new, and flipping it for no reason whatsoever is just a lazy attempt to try to claim it's "new") unlike SM64DS..... I was quite disappointed (but not surprised, by this point, I caught on to the fact that the Nintendo I knew and loved was no more)

I remember all the interviews and beta pictures that were around the internet before OoT's release, I remember all those plans they had for the game but ultimately had to scrap because N64DD failed (that combined with PS1 and its horrible load times and stupid movie files succeeding is what started the decline of gaming, Nintendo was actually trying to move forward, but Sony..... just wanted to do what PC games have been doing for years, and the ignorant masses ate it up), I remember Nintendo even admitting that they were disappointed with how OoT turned out because of all the ideas they had to scrap, because they actually had AMBITION back then

and with an OoT remake, we FINALLY had a chance to see some of those things finally realized!

.....but no, ****ing Iwata just outsourced the thing (even though there weren't that many games being made at the time to keep them from doing it themselves) to some third party made up of former Square Enix employees (read: unqualified hacks) just so they could give the game a texture revamp

.....and Navi, the game's biggest flaw, instead of being toned down or given the option to shut her up completely, is now even more annoying as she pesters you every 30 minutes to take a break!


yeah, **** OoT3D, **** Grezzo, and **** Iwata
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i don't mind old games

i just don't get excited over re-releases of games i already bought years ago(and still have access to)
#16SMASHKING84Posted 12/11/2012 5:24:20 PM
oot 3d had boss rush so yes it did add something new. not only that but it was the FIRST zelda game to have a boss rush mode.

skyward sword had one but that came out a full year after oot 3d.
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
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