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4 years ago#21
I don't remember this change in the GBA. And I know I beat it. Ill go look back at it cuz that is awesome.
Ich habe keinen Meister bis auf den Wind der Freiheit!
4 years ago#22
Was expecting "swing your hips from side to side,DO THE MARIO!

Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
Pokemon Black 2 [OU rules player] Rosa:4170-2970-6954 PM Me if you add me.
4 years ago#23
Spideymaster posted...
ceedofevil posted...
1 million coins?

Oh man, if that's the reward for getting 1 million coins...

...It'd be the BEST REWARD EVER!!1!

Definitely better than:
"What's more important? That the right man is elected President, or that Star Wars is with people who will protect it most?"
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