Least annoying Fan Gaming Community

#41parKb5Posted 12/12/2012 3:18:55 PM
Wetterdew posted...
None of these.

I personally find the Animal Crossing community least annoying.

Right there.

All the listed fan bases are annoying.
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nintendofrog posted...
Every fan community of any given thing in the world is abysmal.

My old account got better.
#43blackyoshi33Posted 12/12/2012 3:24:34 PM
GOD is the COD fanbase annoying... they call everyone noobs and spend WAYYYY too much time gaming. From what I have heard (I don't play much COD) it takes people as much as 2 years to get to the final prestige rank, whatever it is, but some COD fans get it 2 DAYS after launch...
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Other: The Open Pandora community.
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The CoD fan community is like a never-ending parade of budgies >.>
oh noes 0.o
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Did people really choose pokémon....that fanbase is most likely annoying...I've been off and on with the Black Two board...and trust me..it's gotten worse since the game came out...as one poster stated it's mainly debate on whether Gen 3 will get a remake or a Gen 6 will come out...don't get me started on the LOL WHICH GEN IS BETTER? topics that shows up.
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None of them. Kirby and Starfy have pretty cool fanbases.
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thatmovingbush posted...
Blaze627 posted...
None of the above.

The Kirby fanbase is just about the most pleasant group of people I've ever come across on the internet.

This is also true.

I must of been in a different dimension. When Kirby Epic Yarn was coming out, they were in the midst of a civil war.
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Animal Crossing is the only right answer. This poll needs to be redone.
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