Why did you buy a 3DS?

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User Info: QuantumWolf

4 years ago#51
True story. Back last year when one of my folks was visiting relatives in the US I made a joke that maybe they should get me a 3DS. I had no intention or actual want of owning one, and I just felt it would be nice to have and if I didn't get it, I'd be OK with it.

Few weeks later after I took my comprehensive exam and passed it, my parent who visited the US gave me a surprise: a 3DS.
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User Info: dancer62

4 years ago#52
Monster Hunter
I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.

User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#53
Shortly after Tales of the Abyss launched.

I bought 3D and Ocarina since I had the system afterwards, but these two games weren't system sellers for me.
I also picked up Theatrhythm later.

Now looking forward to Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Etrian Odyssey IV and maybe my most anticipated, Bravely Default Flying Fairy.

User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 years ago#54
SkittyOnWailord posted...
Other: I bought mine for literally all of the reasons you gave.

This minus Pokemon.
Currently wanting: A lot of Vita games/accessories!
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User Info: Buttery_Toast

4 years ago#55
1. My DS Lite is on it's last leg.
2. I heard about the Layton vs. AA games and wanted it badly.
3. Then Virtue's Last Reward happened.

So. yeah. There's aren't a ton of games for it that i want that are out now, but it'll be worth the wait. Next should should add a few more games to my list.
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User Info: AIvinn

4 years ago#56
Pokemon. Animal Crossing. mario.
and I loved all the other DSes.
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User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#57
Because it's in THREE DEE, MANNNN.
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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#58
For KH3D and Resident Evil Revelations.
PS3/Vita PSN: kewldude475; 3DS FC: 4253-3798-3218; Steam: kewldude475
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User Info: MereMare

4 years ago#59
I'm buying it, first and foremost, for Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Zelda is an ACTION-ADVENTURE, not an RPG!!!
Japan is the center of the gaming universe.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#60
The games that will be released between 2013-2018.

DS had a 7-8 year life cycle of games.

I'm guessing 3DS will get about 5-7 year life cycle before the next handheld.

So yea all the games that have yet to be released is the reason I bought this.

Smash brothers being up there on the list.

I'm hoping for 4-8 games that I don't even know about to just wow me.
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