So, 3DS owners, do you own a home console?

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4 years ago#91
Yerp, I've owned a few.

Gamecube - first console I owned, got rid of it a while ago

PS2 - Got it shortly after the Gamecube, loved it so much I still own it

Wii - Still own it but don't use it too much, mostly to watch Netflix with my roommates and play against them in old games we all love like Mario Kart, or to just chill with some Super Mario World.

PS3 - This is pretty much my main console

360 - Bought this three times before getting a PS3, sold it three times, once only a week and a half after buying it
4 years ago#92
nope, no time to play home consoles
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4 years ago#93
Xbox 360, GCN, N64, NES, SNES, WII, aaand I have a PC.
4 years ago#94
Yep, I pretty much own every relevant console, only missing the random ones throughout the generations that didn't have any games I wanted to play on them. (Still own the nes, snes, genesis, sega-cd, sega 32x, playstation, saturn, nintendo 64, dreamcast, playstation 2, BC Wii, 60 gig PS3, 360, all gameboys, gamegear, psp).
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4 years ago#95
360 just sold my ps2 but 360 has rrod
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4 years ago#96
brother's PS3 is in my room.
GameCube isn't plugged.
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4 years ago#97
I don't feel like listing them all now but I have a whole bunch of older ones and all the current ones (No Wii U, though) and a gaming PC.
4 years ago#98
I have a wii. But i mainly play PC.
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4 years ago#99
360, ps3, gamecube, wii, snes, ps 2, ps 1. I gave my xbox to my gf a long time ago which she still has in her / our closet. The only ones hooked up though right now are wii, ps 3, ps 2, and the 360.
4 years ago#100
Wii U and PS3
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