Will we ever see a true Super Mario RPG sequal?

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Zero_Maniac posted...
LightHawKnight posted...
If IS refuses to make a true PM sequel, why would there be a SMRPG sequel?!

TTYD says hi.

After TTYD.
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"not sure where all the hate comes from. anyone care to explain?"

Little kids who think it's fun to hate on a Super NES game because it doesn't have the latest graphics or whatnot.
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SMRPG was fun
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Nintendo should just team up with Mistwalker again and hire Yoko Shimomura, who has done the music for the Mario and Luigi series, and make another great Mario RPG.
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luigi33 posted...

I went back and replayed SMRPG. There is no characters that are close to being as memorable as characters like Rawk Hawk and Fawful.

Booster, Jonathan Jones, Frogfucius, Croco, the Wedding Cake bakers, and Dodo all come to mind as really fun characters. Fawful is an amazing character in his own right, but that doesn't discount SMRPG's characters.
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We did get one. It's called Paper Mario.
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From: emayer | #156

Oh the wario looking dude. His dungeon is far more memorable than he himself. He also had no significant dialog.


He doesn't even have much scenes in the game and he's there as a plot device to forward the story. I don't see what was memorable about him. He was just the old wise man cliche, just that he was a frog.


Generic thief. What was it about his personality that made him stand out? He's remembered because of the history he had with Mellow.

the Wedding Cake bakers

I give you that. They were hilarious.


Dodo was funny too.
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TTYD > PM > SuSa > SPM > SMRPG > the rest > PiT
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