So I just got a 3ds XL for Xmas. How do I transfer stuff?

#1Homie_202Posted 12/24/2012 7:23:05 PM
I just opened up a 3ds XL and I want to transfer my stuff from my other 3ds. I know how you do it but I got the Mario kart bundle and my friend said that his got deleted when he transferred his stuff. But then he said it just let him redownload it. Is there anything special I need to do. Also I don't want to lose my embassador stuff so will all that transfer as well? And do I need to anything special?
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I already looked at that but it doesn't tell u anything about how to get Mario kart to save on the XL or if you have to download it again and how or anything. That was my main question.
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1. system transfer
2. redownload from eShop.
3. ???
4. profit
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