Pokemon BW2 winning awards feels the same to me as Black Ops 2 winning awards

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Good for you. I'm talking about the content of the game.

When I think of pokemon I think of competitive battling, and there ain't nothing kiddy about that. Sure, the kids may get suckered in with all that gotta catch em all s*** but that doesn't make the the game kiddy at its core. At it's core pokemon is competition in its true form. By your logic a deck of cards is kiddy because it can be used to play go fish.

Let me know when you can pay your rent by playing kid icarus.

Pokemon is still kiddy on the outside and according to you isn't kiddy at it's core because of the competitive multiplayer which is strange as how this same argument can be applied to kid Icarus uprising.


The only difference is the larger fan base otherwise the competitive play scheme would be just as large if not larger then Pokemon.

Roflmao, cool story bro.
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I wasn't aware that Pokemon was also an M for Mature game being wrongfully marketed towards children.
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