So what color is your system?

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User Info: JoeBudden42

4 years ago#11
some type of greenish color that i don't like

User Info: EM_Mega

4 years ago#12
Flame Red.
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User Info: seua

4 years ago#13
Red but would've gotten the purple if it came out before I got mine :c

User Info: MetalLoki

4 years ago#14
Aqua blue :D
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User Info: Spideymaster

4 years ago#15
I have the blue/black XL, though if the silver XL came to America, I'd get that one hands down.

I'd also get the purple 3DS if I were to get the original instead of the XL.
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User Info: -DanDroid-

4 years ago#16
Aqua Blue 3DS, and Blue XL.
I want another, and wouldn't mind getting the Pikachu XL or a different LE color.

User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#17
I have a Cobalt Blue "Fire Emblem Awakening" edition 3DS and a Silver x Black 3DSLL (XL)
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User Info: badguy

4 years ago#18
Blue, like my phones case.
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User Info: Timohtep

4 years ago#19
Black, with this skin:

User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#20
Blue and black. 3DS XL master race. :P
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