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User Info: Ccroybb

4 years ago#61
In chronological order:

Sonic Generations
Mario Kart 7
Tales of the Abyss <---------Favorite
Resident Evil: Revelations
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Street Fighter IV<-----Least favorite
Code of Princess

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#62
My collection is a bit meagre currently, but eh. It'll grow as interesting things happen.

3DS Carts:
Metal Gear Solid 3D
Tales of the Abyss

Legend of Zelda DX
Game and Watch Gallery 2
Donkey Kong GB
Wario Land

Zelda is still my favourite, although I did enjoy having a portable version of MGS3. Even if I can't use the 3D on it without eye spasms.... - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: Zeus

4 years ago#63
(excluding dsi ports)

3D Classics: Twinbee
Colors! 3D
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Deer Drive Legends 3D
Dream Trigger 3D
Kid Icarus Uprising
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS
Mario Kart 7
New Super Mario Brothers
Outdoors Unleashed! Africa
Pilotwings Resort
Resident Evil: Revelations
Ridge Racer 3D
Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Star Fox 64
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
Thor: God of Thunder
VC: Donkey Kong (GB/1994)
VC: The Legend of Zelda

Kid Icarus Uprising, by far the best title on the system and really its first major release in terms of content. Put 450 hours into it:

Least fave:
Dream Trigger 3D, mostly because I never really learned how to play it. Spirit Camera comes in second because of technical issues if you don't have adequate lighting.

User Info: Wendys_Kitsuke

4 years ago#64
I don't have a lot. There's money issues and I'm picky about the games I play.

Pilot Wings Resort. Got it FREE at GS when I bought my 3DS.
Zelda OOT -Used
Kid Icarus- Used
Cooking Mama 4-Used
Style Savvy Trendsetters
Rhythm Theif + The Emperor's Treasure

Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever- Got it FREE at GS when I bought my 3DS XL.
Kingdom Hearts DDD - Mark of Mastery edition.

Favs: Zelda, KI, KH, Rhythm Theif, and Style Savvy.

eSHOP Downloads.

Pokemon 3D Pokedex.
Pokemon 3D Pokedex PRO
Pokemon Dream Radar
Mega Man: Dr Wiley's Revenge
iSPOT Japan
Simply Majong

I used to own these but they sucked so bad, I got rid of them.

Imagine Fashion Designer
Dual Pen Sports.

LOL Does it seem like everybody on this site owns, KI and Zelda OOT?

User Info: KCJ5062

4 years ago#65
Just recently got a 3DS. So the only games I have so far are Mario 3D Land(which came with it) and New Super Mario Bros 2.

User Info: AllFiction

4 years ago#66
super mario 3D land
kid icarus uprising
mario kart 7

not that big library :(

User Info: MereMare

4 years ago#67
Having four handhelds (GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP) means my PSP is the loser among them all.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Virtue's Last Reward
Style Savvy: Trendsetters
Tales of the Abyss

Mario 3D Land
Zelda is an ACTION-ADVENTURE, not an RPG!!!
Japan is the center of the gaming universe.

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#68
In order of purchase, retail then digital:

Star Fox 64 3D
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
Code of Princess

Liberation Maiden
Mighty Switch Force!
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!
PSN: Handsomistic1
3DS: 1263-5501-9059

User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#69
Here is a pic of my 3DS Games (Retail Boxes)

Here is a pic of all my 3DS Downloaded Games (3DSWare, Virtual Console, Retail)
Currently playing: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS, Playstation All-Stars, Epic Mickey 2 and Shining Hearts.
3DS Friend Code: 4296-2944-2414

User Info: darkness1018

4 years ago#70
I own:
Tales of the Abyss
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Devil Survivor: Overclocked
Resident Evil: Revelations
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
Mario Kart 7 (came with my blue 3DS XL)

My fav game so far is Tales of the Abyss (loved it on PS2 also:).

Used to own but traded:
Code of Princess
Rythem Thief
Theatrythem: Final Fantasy
Doctor Leutrec (think thats how it
Heroes of Ruin
Cave Story 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pre ordered and paid for:
Etrian Odyssey 4
Fire Emblem: Awakening
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