Overall handheld GOTY?

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User Info: Dillicious

4 years ago#41
Toadster9001 posted...
Starwars4J posted...
Kid Icarus: Uprising blows everything else on that list out of the water.

HAHAHAHAHAHA no. I guess the weeaboos in Nintendo's fanbase need something to latch on to.

Gotta love internet, full of idiots that don't even know what that word means.
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User Info: HugsAllAround

4 years ago#42
Definitely KI: U.

User Info: derekfishbowl

4 years ago#43
Zekrix posted...
KI:U for everything. Story, voice acting, short animations, awesome final boss, AR Cards fun, soundtrack, difficulty. Loved every single minute of it.
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User Info: SetecAstronomy

4 years ago#44
Gotta go with Kid Icarus.

User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#45
VLR, baby.

(Entered "Other" on accident lol)
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#46
Gravity rush

User Info: PennywiseJim

4 years ago#47
Not only is KI: Uprising my handheld GOTY, but it is one of the most entertaining handheld games I've ever played.

User Info: KingJaggi

4 years ago#48
Lord_Frood posted...
VLR, baby.

(Entered "Other" on accident lol)
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User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#49
Persona 4 Golden.

User Info: blazeair

4 years ago#50
WTF, no Pokemon? =.=
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