It's time to move on to a new console.

#11r_m_8_8Posted 12/29/2012 6:41:18 PM
I'll flame you because we have different opinions.
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pikachupwnage posted...
TC is using an alt to agree with himself.....that's just pathetic.

What. That is no alt of mine.
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No one cares, just do it already. You'll be back.
#14AkaneJonesPosted 12/29/2012 7:32:44 PM
And why a Vita, unless this was nothing more than a trolling post. We all know the Vita has nothing, but games you can already get on PS3. Well in theory it has other games, they just didn't go so well.

Now if you had said PSP I might have bought it. There are plenty of games on that thing. And we are talking things that aren't on PSN shop, or even Vita compatable. But then you should know UMD compatablility makes a PSP make far more sense.

However, blah blah blah I'm currently typing this from my WiiU, so there. It makes that time for another system. Not what you where trolling for, but yah...
(And technically that's the only new console mentioned in this thread, as 3DS, Vita, & even PSP are handhelds. Well I did mention PS3, but not as a suggestion.)
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Thats nice. Enjoy
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lol good.. your not worthy to own a 3DS
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NoNameAtAll posted...
pikachupwnage posted...
TC is using an alt to agree with himself.....that's just pathetic.

What. That is no alt of mine.

Did you forget to log into your other account? >_>

Also, on the kids game thing. This is geared towards teens, young adults, and kids in general. You know... Adults are generally supposed to have lives and they get these for their kids and write "from Santa" on the little tag. Hence the "kids" games.
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Me too. My 3DS is collecting dust. I still use it to get streetpasses but really. It just sits there. I play my Vita way more and I bought more games for it. Not interested into Mario since the Wii one. I'll play my 3DS again when Monster Hunter, Prof. Layton vs Phoenix Wright and Fire Emblem comes out. Til then, it will be a paper weight.
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This again?

*straightens tie*
*clears throat*

... Paper Mario.
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That's amusing, this is basically the reason I bought a 3DS yesterday. The vita is just a paperweight to me at this point.