Will a video game ever match the epicness of the legandary game known as MGS3?

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MGS4 was more epic. And for the last time, Tidus was not whiny.

MGS4 sacrificed A LOT of gameplay for the story... although I still think it's better than MGS3. And yes, Tidus is whiny. Hell, most of what he says in the first half of the game pretty much translates to "Yuna, please be my gf I want to f*** you so bad".

Sure, it might translate into that for you, if you're playing the Spanish version and can only understand English. If you were tp play in a language you can understand, you'd realize that's not it at all.
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So far there haven't been a game that comes close to the epicness of Metal Gear Solid 3 aka the best video game ever that can and will make a grown ass man cry like a baby. I mean everything was perfect about MGS3, the amazingly epic soundtrack, super duper epic storyline, epic characters, great gameplay, plot twists, amazing bosses, voice acting, the humor as well as seriousness of the game, best cutscenes ever in a game, etc.

Mass Effect 1 and FFX has come close but Mass Effect 1's gameplay was average and FFX had a cry baby teenager for a main character for the entire game so those games weren't perfect but Metal Gear Solid 3 was perfect because it had everything I mentioned in the first paragraph.

I pray to Buddha that some day a genius game creator will be born and create a game just as epic or more epic than the masterpiece known as Metal Gear Solid 3

MGS3 is awesome, but FFX's Tidus wasn't such a bad character...
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