Your first 3ds game?

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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#71
PilotWings, and Samurai Warriors Chronicles; got both of them at launch ^_^
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User Info: Xx_Minato_xX

4 years ago#72
Naruto Shippuden 3D: The New Era.
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User Info: Iceyflame

4 years ago#73
TinyTim123 posted...
marioparty17 posted...
Street Fighter 4 3d

Launch tittle baby :D

1upsuper posted...
SSFIV3DE on launch.

ErrorSupply posted...
Super Street Fighter 4.

This all the way. I still play it now and again as well, when I want a break from whatever else I am playing.

Same for me Launch tittle and still playing it

User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#74
IzunaOverturee posted...
Mine was Mercs 3D.

Hahah, same here. I bought a 3DS for Kingdom Hearts: DDD but Mercs was the first game I owned for it.
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#75
Jumpluff posted...
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.
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User Info: TwiliLord666

4 years ago#76
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

It came with the bundle.
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User Info: Storm_Walker

4 years ago#77
LoZ: OoT 3D, and at the same time, Dead or Alive: Dimensions.
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User Info: Darkeep12

4 years ago#78
Tales of the Abyss.
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User Info: thirdsage

4 years ago#79
Super Mario 3D Land

User Info: CHOVI3

4 years ago#80
Bust a move Universe.
Yep, launch adopter
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