Any good games coming out soon?

#11HugstablePosted 1/1/2013 1:30:48 PM
OhHeyltsYou posted...
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I gotta start coming to the 3DS section more. Some of these series I totally forgot about (SMT & Layton). While others I had no clue that they were even coming to the 3DS or being Localized. (Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem).

Yup, Fire Emblem comes out in just about a month! I honestly can't wait, if you pre order at gamestop they are giving out some Art Books as well. I've heard good things about the game from those that have played the JP version. Already got my version paid in full, have always enjoyed the series since FE7 on the GBA
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Dragon Quest VII, will it come out to America?
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Oh and Virtue's Last Reward.
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Fire Emblem comes out in a month.
Buy it
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The only ones that I can think of are fire emblem awakening and devil summoner soul hackers this year. I'm going to take a chance and pick up fire emblem as I've never played a fire emblem game before. The only strategy rpgs I have played are devil survivor 1 and 2 which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Luigi's House and Castlevania: Long Name
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