According to your Activity Log, what was most played in 2012?

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User Info: blueninja4444

4 years ago#31
Dragon Quest IX
Tales of the Abyss
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User Info: brainfreeze10

4 years ago#32
Technically it was the internet browser with...323:33. wow.

The most play GAME though is Resident Evil Revelations with 46:22. Which is amazing to me because I played through Super Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time twice each this year, not to mention the time I put into Star Fox. Hmf, I guess I put more into Raid Mode than I realized.
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User Info: rahxephon122

4 years ago#33
White 2
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#34
OoT 3D 21 hours -_-

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User Info: zomborrr

4 years ago#35
Nice, now I know the 3DS logs your Nintendo DS play times too. Just got my 3DS early last December. My most played is:

Resident Evil Revelations 4:52
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3:54
Super Mario 3D Land 1:01

Not much, but when I have days off to play, which is next week, I will be playing a lot. I think the 3DS really took off at the end of this year.

User Info: PS2Gamer

4 years ago#36
Mario Tennis.
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User Info: XMonkeySniperX

4 years ago#37
Without even looking, Devil Survivor Overclocked.
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User Info: AjidoMarujido

4 years ago#38
1. Kid Icarus: Uprising - 80:28
2. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - 27:46
3. Radiant Historia - 27:19
4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 20:43
5. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure - 16:27

I'd list "Play Frequency" and "Average Time Played", but I hardly ever turn off the system, resulting in skewed numbers.
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User Info: Delirious_Beard

4 years ago#39
Tales of the Abyss and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning both over 100 hours for me.
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User Info: HappyFestivus

4 years ago#40
still mario kart 7 >_>
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