Game you most want to be announced, and game you want to get the most (2013).

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4 years ago#51
Sorry for the double post, but I would also like Monster Hunter 4 and 3G localized.

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4 years ago#52
Games I want? Pokemon Gen 6.
Games I want localized? Zero Escape Episode 3 or Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
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4 years ago#53
Game I want: Luigi's Mansion

Game I want to be announced: Legend of Zelda: Oracle Collection. Take Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, update the graphics, add some new stuff, and put both games on 1 3DS card.
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4 years ago#54
Shin Megami Tensei IV, Persona 5, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and Tales of Xillia 2.

The games that I want most are: Ni No Kuni, SMT: Soul Hackers, and Fire Emblem Awakening...OH and Tales of Xillia.
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4 years ago#55
Omni Potent posted...
I would like to see Majoras Mask ported this year.

I really want this.

HD it, and then move Wind Waker to the Wii U. The graphics are such that it can be upscaled well.

Majora's Mask deserves the same treatment OoT had. Not sure why they weren't both done.

As for others, I want Fire Emblem brought here. And SMT4.

And Ace Investigations 2, god dammit. I want my Edgeworth back.
4 years ago#56
Games I want Announced:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (actually finished, not bits and pieces)

Games i want the most:

Ace Attorney 5
Ace Attorney vs. Professor Layton
Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Fire Emblem Awakening
4 years ago#57
Rune Factory 4
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Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (GBA)
4 years ago#58
I know it's hopeless, but a legit, console quality sequel to Symphony of the Night.

I love the DS titles, but they're like SOTN Lite.
PSWii60 Gamer
4 years ago#59
Bravely Default localization.

That's what I need to convince me to finally buy a 3ds.
4 years ago#60
that's very easy i want zelda mm 3d to be announced hopefully by the end of 2013 it will be and i've been waiting a very long time for mh3u to get to the usa
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