Connecticut town collecting and destroying violent video games.

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4 years ago#91
After such a tragic shooting it was only inevitable something like this would happen. They ALWAYS blame video games every time a shooting happens (and I am not being insensitive here).
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4 years ago#92
OK dude from CT here. I'd like to say that while I don't agree with the blaming of games and personally think that it'll solve nothing, I do understand why they're doing it. It's not because of games themselves, heck no.

But we're all really hurt from this, legitimately the amount of pain we all feel from the event is pretty immense, I'm not sure how it feels around the rest of the United States, but here it's really personal. But we really can't do anything about it, the man shot himself and the chances of us being able to ban guns is pretty much close to none.

So here we are, feeling weak, depressed, powerless, when the easiest scapegoat of all time comes in to tell people that games are to blame? Does it makes any sense? Nope. Does it feel good to blame something, anything at all, after stuff like this hits the fan? Sure as heck does.

So please, quit your constant moaning about how people are blaming games on a massacre, we lost 20 young children so kindly STFU.
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4 years ago#93
nazacuckoo posted...
I send a compassionate middle finger to anyone who participates in this S***.

^Kind of have to agree with this. Though I'd probably throw out some old useless DVDs/CDs for a $25 gift card...

I mean, seriously? Sometimes I just want to cry at the stupid and closed minded actions of some people.
4 years ago#94
MarioLinkGenofa posted...
we lost 20 young children

I thought it was 21...
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4 years ago#95
I'm pretty sure it was 20 children and 7 teachers.
Of course, it may have been 21 children and 6 teachers.
Was kinda caught in the moment while writing the post to check.
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4 years ago#96
n00bsaib0t posted...
iMURDAu posted...
My mom saw me playing Double Dragon when I was very young. She told me that while it was a requirement of the game that I am to never ever hit a female. I thought "no duh" but apparently some people have never developed common sense.

If a b**** wants to take a swing at me, the b**** can be punched in the face. This concept that you shouldn't hit a girl is absurd.

from exp i can say that the girls that normally always hit guys all the time and think they can get away with it.. when i see them get hit.. they for once actually do shut up >.>
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4 years ago#97
i hope that even more violent games will be made.. :D
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4 years ago#98
I'm divided on this. On the one hand, it's a terrible idea, but on the other hand, it's resulting in terrible freak-outs, so there's that.
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4 years ago#99
If you outlaw firearms, you can still obtain them illegally. Which means only the bad guys are going to have guns.

Even if you somehow remove all guns from the world, he'll just find another way to hurt and kill people. That's the way humans are.

We don't kindly to logic around here.

In all seriousness though, it is nice to see someone using their brain where this subject is concerned.
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4 years ago#100
Hey guys, let's get rid of countless frustration outlets for troubled youths so they sit and brood more than usual.

I like my games. They don't affect me. If anything they help me channel any destructive urges into a harmless past time.
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