I don't know why people bash all Gamestops...

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And thank you for adding to that number. Maybe it wouldn't have made it past 100 if you hadn't post. Now I will post again and get the 101st post as well as 3rd page control!
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Superrpgman posted...
ecco6t9 posted...
Honestly if people ask for a discount nicely and sweetly you would probably get it.

Granted they/we may not discount a copy of Mario or Pokemon but something that has been sitting around a bit or something that has niche appeal might get discounted.

Not if someone stands there and demands a discount or gets all huffy and puffy about it being gutted you probably will not get a discount.

You base this on WHAT exactly?

I MAY or may not work there and do shopworn discounts, again just ask nicely.
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