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User Info: 587Deathking

4 years ago#21
Swan3624 posted...
Hey all! I am about to venture out and scavenge for my runaway 3DS, so that I can download a game from the eShop, in order to take part in the Donkey Kong promotion (seriously, Donkey Kong NES was the one game I was wishing for on the 3DS Virtual Console <3)

So I was thinking either Paper Mario: Sticker Star or Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. I'm leaning more towards Paper Mario, though, because I'm thinking it will be a more easygoing experience in terms of necessary brainpower.

But I had a couple questions about it first:

1. How difficult is the game for a newbie at RPGs? I beat Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, but those are the only true RPGs (unlike Zelda and Okami) I have ever beaten.

2. How is the story? I remember laughing a lot and having a great time with the story in Thousand Year Door, even though I never got very far.

3. I heard there are difficulty spikes when it comes to bosses. Difficulty spikes can make or break my enjoyment of a game, so how bad of a difficulty spike are we talking?

4. Is it a fun game?

I'm just looking for a pleasant game with a fun story and gameplay that won't frustrate me. Is Paper Mario: Sticker Star my game?

Finally, how many blocks does it take up when you download it from the eShop?

Thanks in advance for any helpful responses! :D

Um overall the game is okay. This game has no strategy except for item management and the bosses have a lot of hp for Paper Mario standards (the first boss has 80) and they're also bland, all except one are just giant sized version of enemies.
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