question about the 3ds eshop

#1tamamo422Posted 1/5/2013 4:27:37 AM
i need the download music with the sound effects. what i mean is not just the download music, but the sound effects playing over it. y'know use a male-male cable connect it to the microphone on your computer connect your 3ds get a game and record the music both when it's getting ready and when it is downloading. try to get the jingle that plays when it finishes as a bonus
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Wat. i literally have no idea what you're asking for.
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#4aamotPosted 1/5/2013 4:45:01 AM
So you're like, uh... trying to record the music from the eShop that plays while you're downloading a title, and you want to include the little congratulatory sound effect that plays when it's finished?
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