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#1SS4kronos33Posted 1/5/2013 3:00:00 PM
on my mii plaza i had 21 miis not counting my own.all from street passes.yesterday for some unknown reason it had one hell of a serious leap from 21 to i know i didnt streetpass that many people in a half mile walk from the mcdonalds i use the internet at to my house.when i got home i used the 10 playcoins like i always do.i actually went in to the find mii and played the 5 characters and when i finished it and went back to the main menu that has the settings and acomplishments icons for the mii plaza and all of a sudden i got one that said congrats for having 50 miis in your plaza

its never done anything like this before.the only other glitch that happened was when i got my 3ds back from nintendo the first time it was repaired.i had no play coins the day it came in the mail and then when i went up to mickey d's i had 300.i used 10 which put it at 290 and when i got home i had 300 again.

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That happened to me yesterday, which I didn't understand since I haven't taken my 3DS out since upgrading to the XL.
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Certain games like Mario Kart will add the Miis of people you play against to your plaza. There is a setting to turn that off in the StreetPass options. I think it's the sharing one, but I'm not positive.
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