Paper Mario is an amazing and underrated game

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SMASHKING84 posted...

yeah i totally hate every 3ds game i own.

but i guess giving every game i own on a system except one 4/5 or better makes me a hater.
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Vyers posted...
It diminished the most important part of TTYD.

As long as you realize Sticker Star is not a true Paper Mario game, but something completely new, you'll have tons of fun.
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It's decent. Personally,I was disappointed with it.
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Planetvideogame posted...
Vyers posted...
It diminished the most important part of TTYD.

As long as you realize Sticker Star is not a true Paper Mario game, but something completely new, you'll have tons of fun.

But it is a true Paper Mario game. It's a game that was made in lieu of what they could have made, a much better game that was actually honest to the franchise. It was one man, more or less, who had decided that focusing on the qualities of the franchise, as opposed to making it something that the masses could much more easily gobble up, who decided to do a lot of what made PM such a disappointment.
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masa8mune posted...

Paper mario GC>N64>=Wii=3DS

This is pretty much right. Though I'd say SPM, although one of the weaker games, is still MUCH better than SS. I got about an hour into SS before I quit. I actually almost got 100% on SPM.
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#26Mariofan15Posted 1/6/2013 3:07:51 PM
No and no. SS isnt even close to being amazing and it sure as hell aint underrated either.
#27smashmaster1111Posted 1/6/2013 3:44:00 PM
I think the reason there are so many people who don't like it because they wanted another TTYD. I'm not gonna lie that's what I wanted when I heard about a new paper mario. However, I still enjoy this game because I think it is good that Nintendo is changing things up every once and a while and I can accept that this game is not trying to be the next TTYD.
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In terms of critical reviews, I would say it is slightly underrated. In terms of consumer reviews, I would say it is absolutely underrated.

Either way, I agree with you, TC. I finally pulled the trigger on buying it yesterday after some very deep decision-making between it and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, but ultimately ended up picking it up.

I think I'm about halfway through World 2 now, and I am loving it. I may have burned myself out on it yesterday from playing for almost 5 hours straight, but today I felt fresh as a peach and am now loving my time with it again! I usually despise the desert levels in Mario games (I think it's the music, or maybe the lack of a variety in colors... or maybe both!), but for some reason the desert levels in this are actually really fun.

I'm a little worried about World 3, though. I stopped by and played a decent amount of the first level from that world (until I couldn't progress any further), and I was not enjoying it. I hope that's the lowest point the game will hit, but I suppose I should count myself lucky because of the fact that the game did the impossible and made me actually enjoy the desert levels! :D

Very fun game, though. A lot of people praise the music, and I'm not sure I'm in complete agreement with that enthusiasm (though it does fit the world very appropriately), but everything else is just beautiful: the art style, the characters, the dialog, the story (as small as it is), the exploration, the gameplay, etc. etc.

Gah, I could continue for a while, but let's just say, I really love this game so far. I hope it holds up! :D
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Sticker Star was... decent. It underrated in the sense that's it's not as bad as some make it out to be, but it's not fantastic.
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Everything about it feels phoned in. There are some really neat ideas and the game as a whole is incredibly creative, but underneath all that flashy paint it doesn't really have a heart like the other games in the series.
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