So, considering buying a 3DS, but

#11pikachupwnagePosted 1/8/2013 6:27:37 AM(edited)
"I'm pretty much strictly an RPG guy btw."

Sin megami tensi soul hackers(spring 2013)
Shin megami tensei IV(2014)
Pokemon X & Y(ocotober 2013)
Fire emblem awakening(Feburary 4th)
Entrain oddessey IV(February 26th)
Denpa men 2(2013)
Dragon quest VII(2014 release probable for America)
Dragon quest monsters 3D(Mid-late 2013 release probable)
Bravely default flying fairy(mid-late 2013 release probable)

Also get devil survivor overclocked. And its not an RPG but you should get kid icarus uprising anyways.
Pokemon generation six! All abroad the hype train!