Has anyone actually gotten anything from streetpass?

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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#11
Drgonbxcross posted...
If only i lived in japan : (

this... puzzle pieces are pretty easy to get in japan, i let my friend take mine for SP and he got everything (minus the airport one and Mcdonalds... he also got me 300 hits and changed the SP theme)
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User Info: yab

4 years ago#12
I have all of them.. but I don't live in Japan. Wouldn't want to, either.

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#13
I've got a few Resident Evil Revelations missions and 2 pink puzzle pieces. Not a lot, but something.
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

4 years ago#14
I'm in SoCal and I get about 30 Streetpasses a week. As of yesterday I'm up to 2121 different people met.
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User Info: Chykka_Black

4 years ago#15
Im in so Cal too and i take my 3ds with me to Disneyland and average 20+ SPs.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#16
I live in the US on the east coast, every time I go out with my 3DS I get 3-4 streetpasses, as long as I don't go to the mall/travel by automobile, in which case I get zero.
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User Info: toad133

4 years ago#17
I've gotten 257 people. The key to my success?

I live near an anime convention. =P
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Started: 16th of August 2008 13:27pm.
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