Am I the only one who doesn't really care about Pokemon?

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User Info: iMURDAu

4 years ago#1
Am I the only person on this board that could care less about Pokemon? - Results (140 votes)
Of course you are now gtfo
52.14% (73 votes)
No, I'm not interested either
24.29% (34 votes)
You are teh biased hater!
2.14% (3 votes)
I will convert you to the Church of Game Freak, see my post below
0% (0 votes)
Too bad you better get ready for 9 months of hype followed by X/Y baby!
13.57% (19 votes)
You bought a Nintendo handheld... but not for Pokemon?
2.14% (3 votes)
I hate Pokemon because I think it makes me cool to hate things others enjoy
1.43% (2 votes)
Hockey's back? I didn't know it wasn't being played.
0.71% (1 votes)
Anything is better than another "Zelda didn't feel like a Zelda game" topic at this point
3.57% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I bought Pokemon Blue but every game after that seemed the same so I didn't bother with them beyond playing a few minutes on a friends portable. I don't hate Pokemon or anything its just not my thing.
"I'm saying people outside GameFAQs didn't care when Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled." horror_spooky
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User Info: AllFiction

4 years ago#2
you saw the poll???
now GTFO!

User Info: Catcher_Freeman

4 years ago#3
I voted "Of course you are now gtfo"
The mac daddy of the Pokemon Black 2 board.

User Info: kakashik99992

4 years ago#4
Don't let the door hit your rear
My pokemon run

User Info: twistedreality1

4 years ago#5
Didn't read past first option before voting
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User Info: AhnoldDood

4 years ago#6
kakashik99992 posted...
Don't let the door hit your rear

User Info: FlawedFist

4 years ago#7
No your not alone my friend I've never really been into the pokemon games either or anything to do with pokemon to be honest I apologize if I offended anyone but it's just how I feel
I only wish to help and protect those in need. -4897-5937-8758

User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#8
I didn't even bother reading the other options.

User Info: AceGamer11x

4 years ago#9
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Getting, animal crossing,Monster hunter 3 ultimate, Pokemon Y and your mom.

User Info: Blitzoff1987

4 years ago#10
Did you really think you were the only one?

I laughed at the fact that Nintendo wrote this off as "a BIG announcement." It's the same Pokemon game but now in 3D. Oh, wow, how exciting.
I like sunday cartoons.
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