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4 years ago#1
In a full 3D pokemon world (which the trailer has me believing it is) I would expect full 360 degree movement using the analog nub. Problem is that the one point in the game trailer where they show what appears to be player controlled movement the character makes a clear 90 degree left turn. That worries me. Any thoughts?
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4 years ago#2
Uh... you can use the D-Pad instead of the analog nub if you prefer?
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4 years ago#3
Yeah. Sadly, it still looks as though movement is still the same. I'd like to be proven wrong about that though.
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4 years ago#4
Exactly. I personally don't want to play a 3D game and be confined to four directions of movement, especially when the analog nub works great. At least it did for me in Ocarina.
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4 years ago#5
You never know. We might get 8 directions. Diagonals at last!
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4 years ago#6
cannot tell for sure yet. but honestly analog movement messes up the bike,imo
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4 years ago#7
Yeah, maybe. But then again there might not be a bike this time. I looked as though the main character was on roller blades in one clip.
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