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Real-Time Strategy games?
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Varyss1512/26 9:04AM
Called nintendo today to ask if they could link my eshop acct.moogythejork912/26 9:03AM
eShop Downloads 12/25/2014
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Shadow Stalker X5312/26 8:46AM
If I have a "region free" game, do I still get Club Nintendo points?
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King_of_Flan1612/26 8:30AM
Possible Majora's Mask 3D Release Date?Spade21X612/26 8:28AM
Have 6$ for a VC game (Poll)Beliath99912/26 8:27AM
Would ypu buy Japanese Learner game? (Poll)
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Young_Wiz6912/26 8:23AM
What the crap Inazuma Eleven not 2.99? How is this game?blackrosewitch1812/26 8:16AM
Girlfriend got me a 2DS for Christmas :)Amici1012/26 8:13AM
Transformers: Rise of Dark Spark for 3DS on sale. Is it worth $15?Primum_Mobile312/26 8:06AM
ANY 3DS XL sales anywhere?
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RS_YELARAKA1312/26 7:20AM
Bravely default or SMT 4?
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WonkyKong2412/26 7:00AM
Getting a 3dsxl finally cuz boxing day sale, advice about some games pleaseGhalion812/26 6:41AM
Is OoT 3D worth $35?
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Dark_SilverX1312/26 6:36AM
How long or challenging can I expect these games to be?SurviveRatstar112/26 6:03AM
To those that have one of the "NEW" 3DS how is it? Worth it? Opinions?Eiffel65712/26 5:46AM
What's your GOTY for 3DS?
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Im_Cherche1112/26 5:43AM
Question about transferring data to a 3DS XL's SD cardcrazyj10312/26 5:39AM
Aww yeahspacecowboymike112/26 5:35AM
Halloween got a decent sale but not Christmas? That's insane!
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BigRhinoX1612/26 5:20AM