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Is there a list of how many coins the games give you? (The CN rewards).-Unowninator-43/1 8:47AM
For those that own Xenoblade on the Wii, will you pick up the 3D version?
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docman864713/1 8:44AM
How many themes do you bought and what do you have? (Poll)
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TheSmartBlonde203/1 8:24AM
Is the 3ds your primary gaming system?
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LittleCrispy213/1 8:17AM
Eshop error
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rockymin193/1 8:05AM
does capcom even realize how popular Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is becoming?
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NightMareBunny563/1 8:05AM
Isn't Majoras Mask supposed to support the New 3ds 2nd analog stick?
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MetalGearOnAcid173/1 7:47AM
Anyone switched from XL to normal New 3DS?Etria33/1 7:38AM
Would you consider these prices fair?xxtearg0dxx103/1 7:37AM
I have a #0 Phillips screwdriver and the left screw won't loosen for N3DS XL...Wesfanboynever63/1 7:11AM
Post Your amiibo Collections and unboxing videos!
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Ryanthepanda183/1 7:05AM
Is Dillons Rolling Western worth a damn?Retrowire23/1 6:49AM
What size screwdriver do I need to swap memory card on N3DSXL?Lord_Smokeone53/1 6:35AM
Lets talk about Gex..
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mcquizx163/1 6:20AM
I hope they try their hands at Dragon Quest IX's formula again.georgethecow433/1 6:18AM
Home settings error has occurredthrashthunderx33/1 6:09AM
Nintendo shouldn't force its consumers to go digital.
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nanofazz97403/1 5:33AM
DRW: The Last Ranger. Help with a duel? (Spoilers)Juju_Architect_63/1 5:28AM
Price check on games I going be selling !marioparty1743/1 5:08AM
The New 3DS is what the 3DS shoulld have been at launch
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_Candice_203/1 5:07AM