3DS vs Vita, is it going to be the same DS vs PSP again?

#51elkenPosted 1/9/2013 3:57:54 PM
VannofThursday posted...
the PSP for me is the First Handheld that gives you experience similar to a Home Console.
DS doesnt have that kind of exp for me.It is just a plain handheld with two screen.That's my opinion.
Now the 3DS as of now offers the same home console experience that i felt from the PSP.Which is good coz Im upgrading my PSP to 3DS XL.
The Vita on the other hand is giving a Premium Home console exp on a handheld with qHD screen resolution,great graphics,2 analog sticks and more but it lacks software.
Monster Hunter is my main reason to upgrade to 3DS.

Agreed here 90%

Below an example of 15 good games for the PSVita, all those games are 'gems". Not even the 3DS has so many good games.

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