Paper Mario: Sticker Star outsells PM64 and TTYD in Japan - in one month.

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Oh man, the "a direct, very similar sequel wouldn't sell as well" thing again. Yeah, I agree, it's never the case. And if you think most haters "are okay with it not being TTYD2" you need to spend some time at the SPM and SS boards. And yes, it's also true that not everyone who bought it loved it - same can be said about every single thing available for purchase.
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Sales does NOT equal market reception. That is a load of garbage. Some people bought Paper Mario because they were competent in the abilities of IS to create an experience on the same level of fun as the first two titles; others may have not looked into the game enough; others bought because it has Mario. It's obvious that a lot of people were disappointed with SS after buying it.

And you still haven't debunked the install base factor. Showing a few oddball exceptions to a rule does not mean that the rule does not exist.
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FAT____MAN posted...
How disappointing. The Metroid: Other M of Paper Mario actually sold some in the land where it's most important to.

Hopefully, to me, most of these sales are like Other M itself, sold on the name alone, but mostly everyone had a horrible taste in their mouths.

Other M and Sticker Star are great games and are the best games out of their own respective series.
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From: r_m_8_8 | #751
And if you think most haters "are okay with it not being TTYD2" you need to spend some time at the SPM and SS boards.

The vast majority of those people didn't purchase the game.
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I wonder how much a Mario game would sell of Mario taking a crap in the toilet and plunging it down?
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r_m_8_8 posted...
Now, I summon the delicious tears of the vocal minority that can't stand non-64-TTYD Paper Mario for my own pleasure.

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r_m_8_8 posted...
Solar_Crimson posted...
Well, I'm sure more people in Japan own 3DSes than those who own[ed] N64s and Gamecubes.

It's about to pass Super Paper Mario numbers. Weak argument.

It's not really. We could either surmise that Sticker Star is better than Super Paper Mario, or that more actual true gamers own a 3DS. Wii was lamb blasted for having poor attach rates, and bunches of people who only bought Wii sports, Wii Fit, and the like. It is also confirmed that Sticker Star is closer to what Paper Mario fans wanted than Super Paper Mario.

You can't tell what the sales of Paper Mario & Thousand-year Door would be, if they were released early in there console life, and on dominant consoles with strong RPG support. As it stands neither really got that. There's also the fact that Paper Mario was untested on N64. Let's not forget the RPG audience was over on PS1, and were in the phase of transitioning to PS2. That had to eat sales, with people wanting PS2s and FFX.

However I don't know what we are arguing about. The only thing I can tell is that this does not tell you that Sticker Star is better than Thousand-year Door. Nor does it tell you that the fan base doesn't actually want a Thousand-year Door successor.
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god ****ing dammit Japan

does the country have any redeeming qualities left?
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Endgame posted...
god ****ing dammit Japan

does the country have any redeeming qualities left?

There's always the teenage girls...:P
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The game sucks TC. By anybody's standards. It's an RPG with no story, minimal content and sidequests, no growth, a shallow joke of a battle system, all the NPCs being the same characters, and all the worlds being just boring NSMB themes. It doesn't even have that much dialogue which was about the only thing they could have salvaged quality wise. It's selling better because it's on a more popular system and Nintendo marketed the game better. It's also portable.