Pokemon X and Y proves how lazy Nintendo is getting.

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longlivemegaman posted...
Does anybody realize that there will be hundreds (probably thousands) of 3D models to make for Pokemon X&Y?

Not to mention the animations for the attacks and the actual Pokemon themselves have to be applied for all of them as well... Plus the footage they used for the launch trailer wasn't even the final product.

This doesn't even include the fact that the overworld and almost everything else is 3D models... Music files sometimes get pretty big too.

So if worse comes to worse, the graphics seen in that trailer might be the ones to expect... Because the game just might be too big for a 3DS cartridge.

P.S. Games like Wind Waker and Okami get PRAISED for cel-shaded graphics.

Aaaaand this.
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Catcher_Freeman posted...
What a piss poor troll attempt.
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This guy trolls the Wii U boards too
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Pokemon games have always looked like s***. Why is this news?

Plus, Game Freak adds another 100-150 species per game. The technology will advance, but not rapidly enough to accommodate the increase.
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So I take it that TC completely missed MK7 and NSMB2.
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Good thing I don't play video games just so I can look at pretty pictures, otherwise you might have a point.
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Infectedglore2 posted...
This guy trolls the Wii U boards too

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MrSpacelySlate posted...
So I take it that TC completely missed MK7 and NSMB2.

The only game I've bought for 3DS is OoT.

Feels bad man. I feel like nowadays, I won't have the opportunity to play handheld games much unless I'm at home, in which case I have a PC for games.
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I wish Nintendo went with the same cellshading style as EX Troopes had on the 3DS. That game looks beautyful on the 3DS screen.
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I'm just happy it is in 3D.