Is it okay to play pokemon if you are over 10 yrs old?

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Yes TC. That said, I'm not much of a fan.

Wait, I've got it!
KMA is the fan!

Not quite how I remember my old sig, but then again, I don't even remember it. Ah whatever, I'll give you this one XD.
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Good thing I don't look anything like the very last face - despite loving the show!

Oh wait a minute, APEX2013 is going on now, anyone know when they are featuring Fighting is Magic?

I think they won't. At least the page doesn't mention MLP anywhere from what I saw.
Well, the game's not finished yet, so I don't mind. Maybe on EVO...
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I tried to play the first Pokemon on Gameboy when i was 12 and it felt like a little kids game way back then. That said its the only game I felt that way about playing when i was 12. Go figure.
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only if its the gen 1 or 2 games.

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