Senran Kagura, Nintndo CS reason for not localizing: "Too Perverted"

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In all actuality it's because it's a terrible game.

Is the game really that bad?
I'm thinking of getting it this week.

I love ecchi games.

The game itself is just mindless button mashing. Play it for the surprisingly decent story and the dressing room.
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Whoever says SK is "too inappropriate" is mega stupid and has never seen the likes of No More Heroes.
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Sorry but weeaboo games don't do too well in the US. I remember hearing about a recent game they brought overseas, forget the name but it sold a few hundred copies only.

Hyperdimension Neptunia sold more in the West than in Japan.

The first Valkyria Chronicles for Ps3 also sold twice as better in the US than it did in Japan iirc

Same with 999 and VLR
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>No source

And you guys are taking this seriously.
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lol at least release this game on the eshop
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nope not even a little close
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That amazing. I bought both games, but it just doesn't seem like a series I'd expect to catch on. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to here this, but what the heck did Hyperdimension Neptunia do that other games like it failed to do?

Well, the game is centered around a FOUR-way console war, whereas in Japan, it's clearly two-way (no one cares about 360 or PC). So the story probably makes more sense in the US.

Also, anyone who thinks that americans aren't perverted has never been there.
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Called Nintendo and the CS literally said those "It was inappropriate for American audience".. Okay so they are alright with bringing DOA dimensions but not that?

I like that Japan gets to decide our morality.

K. Have you SEEN some of japans porn?

Monsters and really young japanese schoolgirls everywhere.
this one time, i found a pube in my unopened pokemon game
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I'm pretty sure nintendo USA decides what gets released in the states and not nintendo japan
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>No source

And you guys are taking this seriously.

I didn't even notice until you said that. And I usually always check for a source. Then again, it's not like the supposed "reason" is wrong.
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