Finally totally completed Picdun after all those years!!! (brag topic/blogfaqs)

#1xellos667Posted 1/11/2013 5:34:10 AM(edited)
Official topic is dead so...

In preparation for Unchained Blades, I decided to restart playing Picdun a few weeks ago. I played it a few years ago, but got stuck into finding one of the last sword, even with the cryptic single Japanese FAQ that exist about this game. So I quit. Though this time I finally managed to complete everything: Get all 60 pictures, all items, and also reached the LV cap of 60. This is really one overlooked addictive game. If you like First-Person Dungeon-Crawl RPG and also Picross (since it combine the two), I'm suggesting you giving this game a chance. The battle system is also very interractive, where you actually slash your sword with the Stylus in real time.

Speaking of which, does anyone know if there's plan to bring the 3DSWare sequel here? It was released last August, and since they released without warning Dot Eater last year, I'm wondering if a company (like Gamebridge) have talked about bringing Picdun 2 here?
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