How are you supposed to play Etrian Oddysey III?

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User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#1
Playing this to see if I will actually like EO4.

I understand the whole drawing the dungeon idea (tedious, but kind of unique!)...but everything else.

Skills: Alright, so I applied a skill point to 3 different skills in the mage (forgot the actual name) and it says they learned something, but I still can't use those 'learned skills' in battle. What gives? I found something in the customized tab to apply skills to my team but that's different...little confusing on this whole thing.

Enemies: Jesus ****ing christ this game is hard lol. What's a recommended noob friendly team? I had 2 of the frontline warrior people, 2 monks, 1 mage.

Other tips appreciated!!! -Thanks Mudcrap!
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User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

4 years ago#2
Some abilities unlock other abilities.
Some abilities are Passive abilities.
The abilities you skilled into on your mage were passive abilities that increase a certain type of elemental damage, but they did not teach you any abilities you use in battle.
Mastery skills are skills needed to unlock active abilities later, however you still need to put skill points into those active abilities.

EX: Fire Mastery is a Mastery skill which will unlock Fire Star at rank 1 and Binary Fire at rank 5. However, you still will need to put a skill point into Fire Star to use that ability in battle. Fire Mastery will also passively increase the damage of all fire based abilities used in battle.

User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#3
Alright, getting a little bit better. I'll have to try again tomorrow (new game) but still. I assume the game gets easier once you're all adjusted to it's difficulty/learning curve?
DKC <3:
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User Info: Fray_Maken

4 years ago#4
Might help.

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

4 years ago#5
If you're starting a new game, I suggest a party consisting of a Ninja, Monk, Zodiac, and a Hoplite. The 5th slot can be whatever you want. A Farmer might be best as you can put skill points into an ability that increases exp earned for the whole team. They are also the best at gathering materials from Cut, Chop, and Take points.

The Ninja's class ability will reduce the TP cost of all skills by 10 (1 per rank up to rank 10). Her abilities are generally lower damage at the start of the game, but they can inflict status effects. They also have an amazing ability that creates a shadow of themselves in an empty slot in the party's formation. Run 2 characters in the front row so that the shadow will be placed in the front row. The shadow will generally draw all enemies' attacks towards it, though it has little hp and will die in the same turn you cast it from all the incoming damage. The reason this is good is because it will cut down on the healing your party will need as the shadow will take the majority of the blows. This will also be a good distraction for bosses if your Hoplite tank gets low on health.

The Hoplite takes several levels to really get good at her job. She's meant to provoke enemies into attacking her and not the rest of the party. She can learn abilities that will automatically negate incoming physical or magical damage, 2 different passive abilities. She also has a passive ability that will heal her for a set amount of HP when she defends, which is good if she's the one being attacked. She also can protect either the front of back row with an ability, causing characters in that row to take significantly less damage that turn. This is helpful when encountering enemies that attack the entire party or an entire row. Again, the Hoplite take a while to get going, and will likely be less useful than the Ninja's shadow for several floors of the dungeon.

Zodiacs use the three elements in the game, Fire, Volt, and Ice. You should consider specializing a Zodiac into one element at the start long enough to get their second damaging elemental ability which will attack all enemies on screen. EX: For Fire, Binary Fire, requiring 5 ranks of Fire Mastery to unlock, will attack all enemies on screen. Note that Zodiacs are intensively TP hungry and likely will be running out quickly. They have an ability, Etheric Return, which causes them to regenerate TP when dealing the final blow to enemies. It is easy for them to miss out on the final blow, but if you manage to be diligent with it, your damage will be steady throughout all battles since TP will be less of an issue for them.

Monks are healers. Surprisingly they are also really good at auto attacks. They have an ability that passively increases their unarmed damage, but points spend there are better spent in healing abilities. Characters have Common Abilities (Press Y to go from Monk to Common in the Custom menu). Among which is Bandage, a healing ability that can only be used out of battle. It costs very little TP and can heal for a lot when points are spent in it. At rank 6, it will heal roughly 60hp (possibly higher) for 4tp, which is highly efficient. However, again, you can only use bandage out of battle. Apart from that, a few ranks in all of her healing abilities will do you good in battle. The passive ability Ascetic Deeds, which requires 3 ranks in Ascetic Reward and 3 ranks in Blood Return, will cause the monk to heal herself every time she uses an ability, which means she heals herself when healing others.

These characters are likely not ideal, and there are many more complex strategies and builds as you get later in the game, but these will help you out with the first ten floors or so. It will still be difficult and require strategy, though.

User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#6
You're not supposed to play an EO game.

You're supposed to suffer, and enjoy it.
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#7
I'd recommend you make a Prince/Princess, a Hopelite, and a Monk. Then put skill points to the Prince/Princess' healing by walking, and when HP is full. The Hopelite with then defend the Prince/Princess. That Monk will then handle the extra healing. Ninja's a bit to hard to handle from the get go.

You can add a GladiatorBuccaneer for extra damage and either a Arbalist, with Giant Kill, or Zodiac for elements. Don't forget an Arbalist can do elements too, and you do need them. Also Giant Kill is potent on FOE and bosses when you are weak. So you want all six to shuffle around, since a party of 5 is all you get without a Ninja or Wildling.

Oh and one you get to your first sea battle you can just use those to heal instead of wasting money on the in. Don't forget a Farmer to farm for money making items and unlockables.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#8
Prince for the healing skill
Hoplite for defending
DPS Arbalest
Monk for in battle healing

I forgot the last character, but thats my party that bring me up to the point where you can Sub Class

Seriously though, after the terror of 2nd floor Giant Bird Thingy, it gets rather easier until the 3th Stratum. Just have some farmer for money ready. If you have a problem, the Sea Quest can help.

A lot
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#9
It honestly wouldn't be a real EO experience without coming to the boards convinced you're doing something wrong lol. It's just that hard at first.

Baby steps. Just keep returning to town and selling all your loot to heal up and revive your party members. That will always take priority over upgrading armor / weapons. Return to town a lot. I like to keep a few of the "Return to town" emergency items, just in case.

And try to keep active on the ocean, too. With some of the cheaper rations, you can just keep sailing out into the ocean for loot and fish to sell and make a decent profit doing so.
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User Info: urmomishawt04

4 years ago#10
Man I shouldn't have investigated that bush. When I first played, the bush animals didn't attack me. Now when I'm running with the suggest build above, the stupid platypus attacked me when I was low on health -_- ffs. -Thanks Mudcrap!
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