Virtue's Last Reward or Kid Icarus Uprising?

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3 years ago#11
i really dont know for sure, but i get the impression that the zero escape games have sold well enough that they arent about to become rare anytime soon. (999 was reprinted and is now very easy to buy new)
3 years ago#12
Virtues Last Reward
3 years ago#13
It's safe to say to pick up zero escape vlr for the story, I never played kid icarus as it doesn't look appealing to me. I suggest checking out some gameplay videos of kid icarus if you haven't already before you spend your hard earned cash.
3 years ago#14
Better get VLR first, KI:U, while being a really good game, doesn't stand a chance to VLR's incredibly atmospheric plot. And characters. And it has puzzles!
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3 years ago#15

.....because it's not Uprising
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3 years ago#16
Zero_Maniac posted...
panicbxmb posted...
Two of my favorites. If you already played/liked 999, definitely get VLR first. You gotta eventually get Kid Icarus though.

Everyone needs to play Kid Icarus at some point. :)

Not everyone likes KI.

I know, I know. I was being extreme, because I like KI so damn much!
3 years ago#17

Only game that's not a pokemon mystery dungeon where I've ever cried.

Dat Luna End.
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