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User Info: Romulus-Prime

4 years ago#11
1. Mega Man Starforce 4
2. Darkstalkers Dating Sim
3. Chrono Trigger 3
4. Earthbound 3D Remake
5. Mega Man X remake/port/new whatever
6. Mega Man Battle Network
7. Vectorman 3D
8. Final Fantasy V 3D Remake
9. Galaga 3D
10. Pac-man 3D

User Info: 21_21

4 years ago#12
BatenKait0s posted...
1) Baten Kaitos 3D

2) Summon Night: Swordcraft Story IV

3) LoZ: The Windwaker

4) Solatorobo 2

5) Untitled New Okami/Okamiden game

6) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3

7) Dragon Quest XI

8) Arc Rise Fantasia 2

9) Untitled Lunar game

10) Untitled Suikoden game

Not that you're wrong, but at least half those games would be tons better if they were on a console instead.


Custom Robo 3D
Elite Beat Agents 2
New Zelda (top-down 2D)
Mother collection
Golden Sun 3DS
Metroid Dread
Contra 5
Another Megaman game along the lines of ZX
Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 maybe?
Donkey Kong Land Returns
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User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#13
Rivercity Ransom
Fist of the North Star
A new Zelda
Breath of Fire
Magic Knight Rayearth
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User Info: MrFwibbles

4 years ago#14
1. Bravely Default (in English)
2. Final Fantasy V remake (in English)
3. New Ganbare Goemon game
4. 2D Castlevania
5. Just about anything made by Treasure
6. A Panzer Dragoon rail shooter
7. 2D Kirby
8. 2D Metroid
9. A Phantasy Star Online game that actually plays like PSO/PSU
10. TWEWY 2
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#15
1. Culdcept
2. Persona Series (5 in particular)
3. Final Fantasy Tactics 2
4. Shenmue 3
5. Disgaea Series
6. Terraria
7. Dungeons of Dredmor
8. Skies of Arcadia 2
9. Okami 2
10. Dark Cloud 3
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User Info: hors_doeuvres

4 years ago#16
1. Ace Attorney Trilogy in HD
2. Disgaea
3. Persona
4. Megaman
5. Yu-gi-oh!
6. TWEWY sequel
7-10. Visual novels a la Hotel Dusk style.
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User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#17
Man, I just want virtual console GBA... Is that really so hard to ask?
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
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User Info: FeiBenares

4 years ago#18
Alex Kidd
Wolfenstein 3DS
Punch-Out!! Arcade
Game & Watch Gallery
Wrecking Crews
Battle Chess 3DS
Space Quest
The Battle Dragon And New York City Pokemon Master
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User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#19
Just give me Wind Waker in 3D and maybe a cool Final Fantasy 6 remake and I will be a happy camper (gamer?)
Oh, and also let me transfer my damn Wii VC games to my 3DS! This should be available already. Such a Nintenfail! Do it now dagnabbit!
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#20
1. Advance Wars: 3DS
2. The World Ends With You sequel
3. 2-D Metroid
4. Another Metroidvania games (I'm not sure how I feel about Mirror of Fate)
5. Elite Beat Agents sequel
6. A 3D Zelda
7. Another Okami game (Or maybe one on the PS3)
8. Pikmin 3DS
9. Meteos 2
10. Canvas Curse sequel.
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