Are all pokemon games really easy?

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I'm big Fire Emblem fan but Pokemon combat and systems are much more complex, complete and difficult to master not to mention the competive aspect makes it much harder than any Fire Emblem.

If you think it isn't go to a battle simulator and hit rank 1 on OU or get a good place in VGC
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battle frontier/subway/tournament
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Very easy.
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NeonYoshi11 posted...
Easy usually = enjoyable though.

If Pokemon was really hard, 50% of the people would never make it to badge #5 then nobody would catch em all and everything would go downhill from there.

I'd rather a game be too easy than too hard.

You can't pick up and play a game that is too hard, because it gets frustrating and then you can just move on to another option/ game.

You and I are very different people on this topic.
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