I have VERY high hopes for the next portable handheld Zelda game for 3DS!

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It seems I've noticed a lot of the younger crowd hates cutesy or cartoony type graphics, older people don't mind or don't care or prefer it. I guess people don't want to be reminded of the world they're trying to escape, kids want to be grown up and emancipated, a lot of adults want their childhood back.

I've seen a lot of younger people who play exclusively all the realistic C.O.D. type games say stuff like Mario and Zelda are kid games. Strange because most people I know in real life who play them avidly are my age, 40 or older. I've been playing Mario since I was 12 and it's simplistic innocence is the appeal, besides nostalgia it's an escape from an adult world full of stress, bills, responsibility, cruelty, war, and actual real evil. Apart from that I don't think realism is fun, I don't want to play something where I have the same failings and limitations as I do in real life, I want superpowers to run faster, jump higher, an escape from ordinary.
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From: GenericName9 | #041
a lot of adults want their childhood back.

Story of my life...
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I just want a MM remake.
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People have nostalgia glasses if they think WW was a good or even decent Zelda game.
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Fully agree, kids and teens try to escape childhood, and young adults and middle aged adults want it back.
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Cell shaded graphics aren't that big of a deal. It's the art style in my opinion. Skyward Sword and Borderlands 2 look amazing. But I do say I don't care for Wind Waker at all.
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JurassicBond posted...
The problems with the DS Zeldas had nothing to do with stylus controls, they wouldn't have been that good even with regular controls. I actually wouldn't mind seeing them put out a good Zelda game that uses stylus controls.

Totally agree with this. Theorist one had that annoying dungeon and second one for me had that flute part which I could not complete because of them.
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